First World War

Choose one of several educator-led programmes, talk to us about tailoring a programme to your teaching focus, or book your class in for a free self-guided visit to MTG's First World War exhibition.

Start Date 20/04/2015
Finish Date 31/03/2017
Duration 1.5 hours
Years Years 1 - 8
Cost Primary students $2.50 each, accompanying adults free.
Venue MTG Hawke's Bay, the Faraday Centre or Napier Hill Cemetery
Learning Areas Social Sciences, Drama, at MTG

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From the Uttermost Ends of the Earth, MTG’s First World War exhibition, offers students a rich and moving experience as they delve into the personal stories behind the letters, photographs and objects on display.

We have a variety of educator-led programmes available, developed for specific age groups (see below). We can tailor a programme to support your teaching focus (e.g. bravery, citizenship, Māori Battalion, commemoration). Students can try on a soldier's or nurse's uniform, make a poppy, create shadowplay scenes of everyday life on the warfront or participate in a survival challenge.

Self-guided class visits to the exhibition are free but must be pre-booked though our educators.

Educator-led options:

We Remember Them

Every ANZAC Day, we remember people who died in a faraway place a hundred years ago. Who were these people and why do we remember them? In this gentle introduction to the First World War, students will hear the story of Percy, a Hawke’s Bay soldier who went away to war and never came home. In the First World War exhibition, they will see some of Percy’s letters and the medals he won. In a hands-on craft activity, they will make a token of remembrance for those who have fought for the people or country they loved.

  • Years 1 – 3
  • Venue: MTG Hawke's Bay

For more information phone Gaynor on (06) 833 9788, or book now

Percy’s Letters

Before the war, Percy Manson worked in a Napier office. He was just 19 when he sailed to Egypt with other volunteers. His letters to his mother and sister reveal the everyday challenges of life on the warfront (flies in the jam, toting water by camel, toothache…) and his ever present thoughts of home. After a research visit to our First World War exhibition, students will work in groups to create shadow-play or drama scenes illustrating Percy’s personal experiences of war.  

  • Years 3 – 6
  • Venue: MTG Hawke's Bay

For more information phone Gaynor on (06) 833 9788, or book now

Survivor WW1

Camping rough in hostile lands, through lice-infested summers and foot-rotting winters, with just a few possessions in a small rucksack – was this what thousands of young New Zealanders expected when they signed up to fight ‘for King and country’ on the far side of the world? Students will hear how the war started and why New Zealand was involved. They will visit the First World War exhibition to research conditions faced by ANZAC soldiers at Gallipoli, in the Middle East and on the Western Front. They will then be assigned to one of these campaigns and participate in a team challenge to improve their chances of survival by assembling the right equipment for the conditions.

  • Years 6 – 8
  • Venue: MTG Hawke's Bay

For more information phone Gaynor on (06) 833 9788, or book now

Come Alive: First World War

Delve into the personal stories behind the letters, photographs and memorabilia on display in MTG’s First World War exhibition then create a drama exploring extraordinary moments in the lives of those caught up in the early days of the ‘war to end all wars’.     

  • Years 4 – 8
  • Venue: MTG Hawke’s Bay

For more information phone Gaynor on (06) 833 9788, or book now

Homefront: Everyday Technology 1914-1918 (Faraday Centre programme)

What was life in New Zealand like 100 years ago, when most families had no car, no telephone and no electricity in their homes? How could families stay in touch with loved ones serving overseas? Through hands-on exploration of technologies in everyday use 100 years ago, students will develop insights into what life was like for families in New Zealand during the First World War.

  • Years 1 – 8
  • Venue: the Faraday Centre

For more information phone Gaynor on (06) 833 9788, or book now

First World War Cemetery Walk and Talk

Our educators will guide your students through the Napier Hill cemetery to find memorials to soldiers who fought in the First World War. A chance to discuss those who went to the Great War from this area and what they may have gone through before returning home to start a new life. This programme is weather dependent, so please book a postponement date or a visit to MTG's First World War exhibition as a wet-weather alternative.    

  • Years 4 – 8
  • Napier Hill Cemetery, Napier Terrace, Hospital Hill
  • Duration: 1 hour

For more information phone Gaynor on (06) 833 9788, or book now

Self-guided class visits to the First World War exhibition (FREE)

We can supply teachers' notes and/or a student activity trail. We are happy to give teachers a guided tour of the exhibition to help plan a self-guided class visit.  Please prebook your teachers' pre-visit or self-guided class visit through our educators.

  • Years 1 – 8
  • Venue: MTG Hawke's Bay

Read more about MTG's First World War exhibition 

Contact Gaynor for further information about any of these programmes: 06 833 9788

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